The Visit

The idea started early 2016 and went from a monthly worship night, to a discipleship program, to a dream of building community, to THIS. A travel experience that is centered around FUN. It isn't a missions trip, but it's not a vacation either. The Visit will give you a chance to conquer fears and it will give you a taste of what it's like to be ALIVE and IN LOVE with the life God gave you. In the midst of it all- Jesus is there-when we are trying to translate something on a menu, when we are driving in the back of a truck or standing under a waterfall- He is there. The Visit came to life when I signed up for a three-month self development program that was located in Quito, Ecuador called Submerge. There, I learned how to put the vision of The Visit into a website, and got enough courage to take small steps to make this thing a REAL THING. I still don't know exactly how it happened, but here we are, taking teams around the world, experiencing different cultures, making life long friendships and truly getting to know Jesus outside of the church.


Like many people, I have dreamed of traveling the world. Ever since I took a trip to Guatemala at seventeen years old, I have made it an effort to travel internationally at least once a year. Still, I tell myself over and over again, "Liza, you have only seen 1% of the world." I want to help people experience the transformation that takes place when a person travels outside of their neighborhood, to a foreign destination. My dream is to help others check things off their bucket list, and statistics say that peoples' number one bucket list wish is to travel the world. I want to be an avenue and provide opportunities for traveling to move from your bucket list to your reality. I want to explore the globe that our God created, and I want to do it with other people.