Ask anything.


Q: Is The Visit associated with a church?

A: The Visit is not associated with any church or denomination, but we do live and teach from a Christian worldview.


Q: Is The Visit a nonprofit?

A: Although The Visit is recognized as a nonprofit, we are still in process of receiving the 501(c)3 in order to qualify for tax exemption.


Q: Who can attend the Visit Experiences?

A: Anyone!


Q: Who can apply for the Taste Experience?

A: The trips are geared for young adults, but anyone who applies is considered.


Q: Is the Taste Experience a missions trip?

A: No. Although the trip will include a volunteer event, The primary focus of the taste experiences is to explore a foreign country, build new friendships and grow personally.


Q: What does the Taste Experience cost include?

A: $1,500 includes all travel, lodging, meals, transportation, travel insurance and MOST adventure packages. We recommend bringing an additional $150-200 for souvenirs, snacks and anything else you may want to purchase outside of what is provided. 


Q: How can I make payments?

A: Payments can be made by cash, checks written to "The Visit", through our Venmo account @The-Visit, or right here online at the "give" tab. Please be aware you will be charged a 3% transaction fee for all online payments.


Q: Who can apply for the Abide Experience?

A: The Abide Experience is geared toward those wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be intentionally discipled and be challenged to live a set apart life. Most people who apply will be young adults who are connected in a local church. 


Q: Do I have to be a Christian to be a part of The Visit?

A: For our Visit and Taste Experiences, we welcome people of all backgrounds and religions. Because of the nature of the Abide Experience, we would expect you to have a professed faith in Jesus, live out a biblical lifestyle and be connected to a local church.