A letter to you.

"...perhaps you were born for such a time as this." Esther 4:14

AH DANG. You guys are incredible. Putting this together for you made me so excited for what's to come, everything that we will get out of this next season and how much we will GROW... BUT praying for each of you and just talking with Jesus- I realize how amazing and valuable each of you ALREADY are. There is so much more to come, BUT Jesus has already brought you SO FAR. Through this season, my ONE hope is for us to be transformed by Jesus. I don't just want you to read the Bible just to read the Bible- I want you to be transformed as you see Jesus in the Bible. I don't want us to serve our community or our church just because it's the right thing- I want us to live out what Jesus lived out because He is the most beautiful person we can imitate. I don't want to encourage you to dream big and set goals for your life just because- I want to show you that the dreams God placed in you are worth chasing because Jesus is worthy of EVERYTHING. I want us to be fascinated by the person and work of Jesus Christ so that it transforms who we are and what we do.

I love each of you deeply, and want you to know I care for YOU more than I care about the schedule, the assignments and the entire idea of The Visit. I'm not just trying to get you to do "my thing," because "my thing" has always been about people first. About YOU first.

I'm honored and thrilled to have you be a part of this. FOR REAL. 

And now...the adventure begins. Are you guys ready?!

Assignment List.

March 7

·      Short Video: Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

·      Truth Search from John (Read John 1 through 7)

·      Circle Maker: Chapters 1 - 4

·      Memorize Philippians 2:5-8


March 14

·      Truth Search from John (Read John 8 though 14)

·      Circle Maker: Chapters 5 - 8

·      Sermon: Billy Humphrey, Father Heart of God Part III


March 21

·      Short Video: Jesus is Loving Barabbas

·      Truth Search from John (Read John 15 through 21)

·      Circle Maker: Chapters 9 - 12

·      Memorize Hebrews 4:14-16


March 28

·      Truth Search from Acts (Read Acts 1 through 7)

·      Circle Maker: Chapters 13 - 16

·      Sermon: Banning Liebscher, Fruit That Remains


April 4

·      Short Video: God Wrote a Book

·      Truth Search from Acts (Read Acts 8 through 14)

·      Circle Maker: Chapters 17 - 19

·      Memorize Psalm 27:4


April 11

·      Truth Search from Acts (Read Acts 15 through 21)

·      Radical: Chapters 1-3

·      Sermon: Bill Johnson, I Am Looking For One Person


April 18

·      Reading: Games People Play by Matt Chandler

·      Truth Search from Acts (Read Acts 22 through 28)

·      Radical: Chapters 4-6

·      Memorize Philippians 3:8


April 25

·      Truth Search from Romans (Read Romans 1 through 8)

·      Radical: Chapters 7-9

·      Sermon: Jonathan Helser, Worship Echoes; Part I, Part II, Part III.


May 2

·      Truth Search from Romans (Read Romans 9 through 16)

·      Radical: Chapters 10-11

·      Memorize Romans 12:10

Monthly Events.

Local Church

Attend every Sunday and serve on a City Team.


Serve at the Dream Center's Adopt-A-Block once a month.


Attend a City Group once a month.

Inner Circle

Hang out together (the four of us) once a month.


Meet with Liza once a month.